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Following the success of the Annual School Magazine, some of the editorial team are planning the launch of a more regular publication – Devonport Spectator.

Motivated in part by the sheer physicality of paper, pictures and words in our increasingly virtual interactions, the team hope to re-kindle (no pun intended), an atmosphere of active, visible journalism with contributions from across the school community. I am pleased to have been asked to pen the opening editorial.

The title, if true to its namesake, promises an eclectic and intellectual commentary on contemporary life, politics and the arts. It will be fun to see how the publication develops, which columnists thrive and whether cartoonists and personalities are elevated to cult status within the school. Previous experience of successful school magazines reminds me of their potential. Two former students and school magazine collaborators from my early career went on to careers with the BBC and Sky.

I will get behind anything that promotes creative engagement at DHSB; we’re ready for a regular forum for sharing talent, expression and opinion.

So, I am pleased that the team is also seeking to embrace social media to stimulate conversation and encourage contributions. I am uncertain of the source of the quote but, to paraphrase, “greatness will not be attained by those who do not use the tools of their age,” (William Hazlitt? A confident attribution here would be great).

The blogosphere has given voice to many who would not otherwise have had an inclination to put themselves forward or share. We need to listen to the geeks too.

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