Building a blogging culture

Building a blogging culture

I wrote my first blog post in November 2011 and have posted sporadically since then with thoughts and ideas – for a variety of reasons. Some benefits:

1: Let people know what you’re thinking – where you’re coming from. In the earlier stages of my career senior leaders were often distant and not given to explaining themselves. I have been more than happy to be disagreed with and welcome debate. Sometimes this has led to being apprehended on darkened corridors but don’t be discouraged! Having your ideas tested leads to improved knowledge and more confident positions on issues;

2: Another benefit of writing for others is that you will become a better writer. Practice in a real context is highly motivating;

3: I find writing assists my thinking. The act of iteration leads to a deeper form of engagement with one’s topic. The drafting and proofing process encourages concision and precision;

4: Blogging curates your thinking over time. A positive and professional step in your digital footprint.

So, with these advantages of blogging resonating, we have built a platform for staff and students from all corners and Year groups of The BSN to be published on our external website.

BSN Voices is in fact a platform for a number of individual Blogs – each with a different purpose (take a look at the end of this message for lots more detail and links to recent posts).  It is an ideal place to showcase students’ work – whether it be writing, drawing, photography, video – or it may serve as a diary to support a project or residential trip.

Please take some time to look at some of the posts already created by our students and staff bloggers below.

I would love to hear from colleagues wishing to share and publish on this platform. If you have a student or group of students whose work you think should feature, or perhaps you are tempted to join other staff by dipping your toes into the bloggosphere, please get in touch with me to discuss access and posting.

TEACHING & LEARNING: This is a platform for Staff Voices to be amplified – do take a look at Ruth Burns’ take on Gameification in Education which joins Jen Madge’s post asking whether Education Professionals should be more research engaged.  Matt Bennett’s post on EAL as a cornerstone of strong Teaching and Learning is a must read.

STUDENT VOICES: This has been designed with the express purpose of giving students a shareable platform to showcase their work.  I encourage you to read the articles submitted by students:  Lucy Kirkwood gave  insight into her involvement with the MUNITY Press Team and Martina Gordon’s post about Fundraising for the Children of Njoro

ECO: As part of our commitment to the Eco Schools Award, the Eco Team must record their activities and initiatives – and the Allotment Club are also posting updates too.

SPORT: Recently the Sports team interviewed Maarten Rieder about life in the ADO Den Haag u19 Squad

We also have Blogs for ART and LANGUAGES  who have great plans; we look forward to sharing posts on these platforms soon.

One of the most significant voices contributing directly to policy and change are the Digital Leader bloggers trialing devices for our review of provision and strategy. I’m proud of the depth of thinking behind these reviews. They have certainly contributed to our position on the next steps for Educational Technology at the BSN.

DIGITAL LEADERS: take a look at Alex Grondin’s review of the Chromebook or Gideon William’s post Technology Takeover: The Destiny of Devices –  hot off the digital press is Archie Corringham’s review of the Dell Latitude

Finally, writing blog posts usually means reading others’ and engaging with new ideas and thinking.

Twitter is a great launchpad to promote your professional portfolio; it takes courage but jump in!